Temecula Tax Service

Temecula Tax Service is Intelligent Tax Solutions, Not Just Tax Preparations

At Temecula Tax Services our services include year-round tax preparation and tax consulting for individuals as well as corporations, LLC’s, partnerships, small businesses, self-employed persons, and home businesses.

consultation copyOur tax preparation professionals also provide bookkeeping services and financial statement review, and assistance in choosing and setting up the right business structure. Other services include preparation and filing of sales tax returns and payroll tax returns and set up depreciation schedules. Year-end reporting of W-2’s and 1099 filings is another area of service. Filings include claims for all tax credits, including earned income credit, additional child tax credit, educational credits, hybrid vehicle credits, energy credits, first-time home buyer credits. Temecula Tax Preparation services Corona, Murrieta, Riverside, Norco, Hemet, Menifee, Sun City and Wildomar, California.

Temecula Tax Service Guarantee

Temecula Tax Services by Intelligent Tax Solutions Inc. gives you more than just tax preparation. Our guarantee is you will pay the least amount of taxes legally possible – which means that you’ll keep more of your hard-earned dollars. Our services aren’t an expense; they’re an investment with a return of value.

Temecula Tax Services Covers All Areas of the IRS 1040 Form

At Temecula Tax Services our knowledge reflects our high degree of ability in knowing how to acquire the best results on your behalf, covering all areas of the IRS 1040 form, including itemized tax deductions, tax deductions for the self

employed, earned income tax credits, deductions using the IRS mileage rates, in addition to having the ability to produce excellent input for your business taxes, whether you’re just beginning a start-up company, currently have a home-based business, or run an on going business that needs a lot more than only after-the-fact form completion. There isn’t any beneficial purpose, as well as no legal obligation, to pay any more than the absolute legal minimum amount of tax, and we will assist you to achieve those results.

Did You Know The Government Wants To Finance Your Home Business

Did you know…  That the IRS not only wants you to be in business, but will help you get started by giving you tax breaks that can help pay for starting your business? That you may be able to immediately put more of the money that you earn from your job into your own pocket if you start a business? That starting a business can actually lower the amount of taxes that you end up paying, all legally and ethically? That almost any type of business can qualify to be a home business, with all the appropriate tax breaks, if you know the right steps to take when setting it up?  We can guide you to the best bottom line by showing you how to get the most out of Uncle Sam.  Let us help you figure out the best path to get to the goal of maximum profits and minimum taxes.
Fill out the form, and let’s save you some money! Your Biggest Expense Every year, income taxes take a huge bite out of your earnings.  The average taxpayer works almost four months just to earn enough to pay the taxes on the money they earn for the year.
Many people pay more per year in taxes than for any other single expense, and in many cases the taxes paid are more than total living expenses.
When you consider that taxes may be the biggest expense you have every year, it only makes sense that you should do everything possible to ensure that you are paying the least amount of taxes legally possible.


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